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VOTE June 7th!
The Race for THIS SEAT is OVER in June,
there are no run-offs
This Race will NOT be on
the November General Election

 Martha Fluor is Stepping Up!

It's about kids, not politics.
It's about funding education, not litigation. 

Over the last FOUR years, the current OCDE Board of Education has stripped over $7 MILLION from the budget to pay for losing lawsuits, over issues that are not within their elected role.   They have frightened kids, parents, and community members with their political rhetoric and fearmongering!
Our kids, families, and communities deserve better.  Kids need to feel safe going to school! Parents need to feel confident in the school, public, private, or charter they have chosen to educate their kids. Our communities need to be assured that our schools are graduating students with the skills and values to become tax-paying, law-abiding adults.

How would I restore resources and funding back into the classroom on DAY ONE?


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Martha Fluor for Orange County Board of Education 2022
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